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International Racing Club

Here at the International Racing Club, we take the view that time is precious. When you take a bet on something, you only get to do it once. There’s no rewinds, no refunds and no excuses. You either won or you lost. That’s the beauty of the punt. But we all know that successful people don’t make decisions without getting all the relevant information. And that’s why our IRC experts like Tony Stafford are successful.

If you want to share in our success, you only have to invest a fiver initially to see how you like it in IRC.  We think of ourselves as a club of like-minded people. Getting daily messages direct to your phone, with advice from IRC, is a bit like sitting around a pub table with a couple of people who really know their stuff. It’s not your mate Jim who knows a bloke who knows another bloke who once worked in Mark Johnston’s stables. You’ll be listening to Tony Stafford, winner of the 2019 William Hill NAPS table, for a couple of minutes every day.  He’ll be giving you a nugget of know-how.  Whether it makes sense to you is your choice.

And IRC isn’t just about horse-racing. There’s the chance for F1 experts to get in the driving seat, touchdown with NFL, or take a punt on the fun of novelty events like X Factor or Oscar winners.

We’ll take the safe bet that once you’ve tried IRC, you’ll be here to stay.
After your one month £5 trial, just £20 per subsequent month by secure, discreet PayPal debits gets you:

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  • A dedicated team constantly searching for the best punting information out there.
  • You can cancel at any time, there’s absolutely no long-term commitment beyond your most recent payment.
  • Access and offers to our Racing Club Including ownership and international trips to visit the South African racing scene; with all-inclusive hospitality, trackside betting and Safari Lodge experiences.

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