“The International Racing Club was established as a hub for racing and sports betting enthusiasts, and those eager racing fans who have always dreamed of owning a racehorse…”

The International Racing Club (IRC) was established as a hub for racing and sports betting enthusiasts, and those eager racing fans who have always dreamed of owning a racehorse (or a share of one), and living the exciting life of a racehorse owner.

The IRC offers a number of benefits for Members. We publish a daily newsletter (free to all), racing and sports advice, special lifestyle and product offers, big-prized competitions, social functions and worldwide travels to racing and sports events. Our exclusive Members’ option has an affordable monthly fee, or an annual fee for enjoying the experience of going horse racing as an owner without the prohibitive costs. If you fancy having a bet, our panel of sports and racing experts include some of the most acknowledged personalities in their field. The IRC is a versatile and evolving club for a fun-filled, like-minded lifestyle. Wake up to our punchy and informative newsletters to start, opt for the free subscription on our website.

We’re a club of friends, open to all, made up of like-minded individuals. We love sport, racing, dining out travelling, the good things in life. We love life, and our membership is designed to package all the good things at affordable, customised fees.

IRC Members: A Rave at Royal Ascot!
IRC Members: A Rave at Royal Ascot!


Let’s start with our Sports & Racing Tipping Service, which brings the combined skills of nine well-connected experts to our members with (mostly) daily tips across the sports and racing spectrum.

There is a crossover between the traditional horseracing and greyhound racing betting to sports and some, vice versa, which means that we are seeing the emergence of an international sports bettor, an individual who sees his gambling as investments, and pays more attention to value in different sports than he does to individual sports.

He/she makes a study of sports and racing, and gets advice from professionals. He/she take bets on the best value, and there is plenty available daily. The new, emerging fun and profit sports betting sector includes members of IRC.

Here at the International Racing Club, we take the view that time is precious. When you take a bet on something, you only get to do it once. There’s no rewinds, no refunds and no excuses. You either won or you lost. That’s the beauty of the punt. But we all know that successful people don’t make decisions without getting all the relevant information. And that’s why our IRC experts like Tony Stafford are successful.

If you want to share in our success, you only have to invest a fiver initially to see how you like it in IRC.  We think of ourselves as a club of like-minded people. Getting daily messages direct to your phone, with advice from IRC, is a bit like sitting around a pub table with a couple of people who really know their stuff. It’s not your mate Jim who knows a bloke who knows another bloke who once worked in Mark Johnston’s stables. You’ll be listening to Tony Stafford, winner of the 2019 William Hill NAPS table, for a couple of minutes every day.  He’ll be giving you a nugget of know-how.  Whether it makes sense to you is your choice.

And IRC isn’t just about horse-racing. There’s the chance for F1 experts to get in the driving seat, touchdown with NFL, or take a punt on the fun of novelty events like X Factor or Oscar winners.

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Michael de Haast, Carl and Lyle Hewitson.

The racehorse syndication offers presented brings you into a select circle of racehorse owners, down-to-earth horse lovers who enjoy a punt and, on occasion, a pint! We’ve had plenty of fun so far, our circle of friends is growing and we are pleased to have served and participated with all of you so far.

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