Racehorse Ownership is for everyone!

Mike de Haast (IRC), Carl Hewitson and Lyle Hewitson.

Mike de Haast (IRC), Carl Hewitson and Lyle Hewitson.

There is little to beat the thrill and excitement of watching your own horse win a race!

This lifestyle experience is not only limited to the wealthy. As everything else in life, buying a racehorse does involve an element of luck, but it is also one of the most rewarding and exciting things to do, especially alongside a group of friends.

Following your horse’s progress and going to the races is great fun and offers many social benefits.




Below, an example of how we at the IRC would structure a customized ownership package:

Share in horse includes

2 years training

% of the horse

2 years subscription to IRC sports advice

Welcome pack

on a 100k horse 10% looks like this : £2200 / ZAR44 000 all in

this allows for

Payment of the horse

£400 subscription to IRC sports advice

-£100 welcome pack

We’re about friends racing together for fun and thrills. and, with some luck, some significant profits!

Mail pa2joaodamata@gmail.com to see how you can get involved in the IRC racehorse ownership club.